International Professionals’ Foundation was born out of passion – a passion to excel, a passion to lead & most of all a passion to be a part of everyday life of a growing organisation. If you are passionate either about starting a new career or breaking free from your existing career – be it in automotive, finance & banking, retail & sales, sports & entertainment, your passionate journey begins now. International Professionals’ Foundation was set up to address the needs of providing specialised human capital to organisations which wanted to excel. As group of professionals from Automotive, Finance, IT & Retail who understood the real need to provide the right people for the right jobs set out on a mission, which gave birth to International Professionals’ Foundation. Our team is committed to serve both our clients and candidates not only in providing dedicated service but also in maintaining confidentiality throughout all our professional engagements.
Strategically located in Dubai – the gateway to the east and the west, we have a network of offices in various GCC countries. We are located at the Knowledge Village which is the hub of human capital ventures in the region. Knowledge Village is a part of Dubai government’s endeavour to bring knowledge and information technology closer. Licensed under the Knowledge Village memorandum of understanding, our strategic location talks about our quest to stay closely connected to our clients and customers. Our office is equipped with state of the art infrastructure which includes high speed internet connectivity, IP telephony, etc.