IPF Group’s global base of search experts is peopled by well-connected specialists who have worked within the industries for which they recruit. Their real world experience, along with established and continually cultivated partnerships, delivers premium candidates to respected companies across a broad spectrum of industries and markets.

What we do & How we do it

Collecting the Candidates
Proof that MORE is better

> 0 to 1,500,000+ resumes in 18 years

You need professionals? We’ve got professionals!
Since 1988, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of the business community. That’s when we started to build our huge database of quality professionals — the professionals who make up the work force.

If you want to catch more (and better) fish, use a bigger net!
If someone possesses professional work skills, chances are, his or her resume is in our database, or will be soon. We have engineered a comprehensive method of searching out job seekers by using a number of distinctly different media.

Our multi-media marketing and collection approach includes:
>>  Reputation
>>  Website
>>  Billboards
>>  Internet Robots
>>  Referrals
>>  Job Fairs
>>  Classified Ads
>>  Radio Ads
>>  Print Ads

Categorizing the Candidates
Proof that LESS is better

> 1,000,000+ to 300 Resumes in 8 seconds

The difference between candidates and VIABLE candidates
One of the greatest challenges in the hiring process is sorting out the unqualified. On the average, only 1 out of every 160 job applicants becomes a legitimate hiring prospect. Identifying that person can be time consuming and physically exhausting.

In less than 8 seconds, we profile each of the 1,000,000+ candidates in our database and return a general list of potential candidates. That’s less time than it takes to write out a classified ad. Or to put a “Help Wanted” sign on your office door. And the results are infinitely better.

Our candidate database is sorted by:
>>  Job Title
>>  Skill Set
>>  Rate of Pay
>>  GPA
>>  Experience
>>  Education
>>  Proficiency
>>  Location

Depending on your requirements for the position you’re filling, this phase of the search process can yield anywhere from 25 to 300 candidates. Viable candidates. It might take weeks or even months to produce this many leads using traditional methods. Then again, IPF Group’ approach to hiring is anything but conventional.

Qualifying the Candidates
Proof that LESS is best

> 300 to 3 resumes in 12 hours

Selecting only the most qualified
At this point in the process, we’ve already created an initial list of professionals who match your general job requirements.

Early in the evening, when candidates are most likely to be at home, IPF Group’ Recruiters contact and qualify candidates one by one. After describing the position, the Recruiters ask specific questions to determine if the candidate’s experience and skills match the requirements of the job. Recruiters also inquire about newly acquired skills, employment status, availability, and requested compensation. The result of this screening is a list of qualified candidates.

Our candidates are screened by:
>>  Availability
>>  Abilities
>>  Location
>>  Personality
>>  Testing Scores

Early the next day, Senior Recruiters qualify the list even more. By carefully examining the candidates’ resumes and pertinent information already in our database, along with the notes from the previous night’s phone interviews, we select only the most qualified. Only then are we ready to present a candidate who we feel certain will meet all your needs and requirements.

Quantifying by Skills Testing

Uniform testing and scoring allows you to compare apples with apples.
Anyone can claim to be a 10. However, we have learned by experience that one person’s 10 is another person’s 5. As a rule, we bring potential candidates into our testing center to verify their proficiency and skill levels. We administer skills tests in 100+ different technical areas, from programming to CAD testing. Or we can administer any specialized tests that your company has developed.